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Alright my dirty-minded readers, now we all finally know what Stephanie was REALLY freaking out about! Yeah, maybe the stuff you guys came up with was better, but it didn't fit my storyline.
Vote incentive is currently a sketch of the original members of Crashed! Axis included. Keep voting every day as the incentives change all the time.
The "Of Mice and Men" title was actually purposely used to foreshadow this page.
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Replies to Comment:
@BakaMonMon: Thanks! =D
@SquishyNinja: Haha! Hm...
@Rennakins: lol, yeah, I guess Steph is not in "flirt and impress" mode anymore.
@J-chan: Oh no you're already onto me and Max! I'd better watch out.
@SolaratheHedgehog: Yup yup! =D
@Bearagirl119: Well...surprise! Haha~
@Jazeki: *shudders* Same here!
@Bree333888: You rock, my dear! <3 Thank you!
@DanaBoBana: lol! Yes, chaos! Yay!


User's Comments:


haha awesome!!! :3


Dirty mind? I have no idea what you speak of.




Fff everything comes out dirty to me because I have a rotten brain. :V
Anywayyy hooray for a new page! At least she's honest that she isn't passionate about literature. Might've scored some points there if she pretended to be haha.

J-chan (Guest),

Argh~ You know, one of these days, the "Max" surprise factor is going to be caught onto. But since you did it with Ryan and now Stephanie... I'm always going to assume any new surprise in this story is linked to Max somehow.

I'm watching you, mouse. *Points two fingers at her eyes and then one finger at the mouse*


OH! She was screaming 'bout a mouse! xD


Mass panic lol. I'd probably throw away all of my food and never eat in the caf again if this ever happened in real life.


Oooohhhh! A mouse! Right, of course! <XD

Also, I became a fan~ :D



So I guess this means she's not a homophobe? XD *KIDDING!!*

Really I didn't expect this to happen XD

Yay chaos!! 8D


Bait and switch! That fooled me. XD


That little mouse causes some big trouble around this school!!!

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