August 30th, 2010, 1:05 am

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Author's Comments:


BlueStreak is now on TWC! So please please please (am I sounding desperate yet?) vote! Click that blue TWC banner above or just click HERE and vote! Every vote counts and helps this comic get a little more love~ And the incentives will get better. This week's is my WIP character, Alec. I'm still in the midst of refining him and molding him for a new comic project I'm working on.

Replies to Comments:
@Jazeki: Haha, agreed!
@P!K: Are your skank senses tingling? I can't imagine why...=P
@Rennakins: I guess that's some form of being loved...Steph would be happy. And thank you for voting!
@Qwchestr: Ah, thank you so much for acknowledging the cafeteria. I did spend a lot of time on it, thank you for noticing it <3
@Piano-kun: Oh, he's not ALL-together, but almost ;)
@Nami: Ah, really? I've never used that expression, I just wrote it up for Ryan...Glad to know other people use it too!
@Synchro593: Well, Stephanie is quite naturally creepy, so it's no surprise she comes off that way =P


User's Comments:


I don't think she's close enough to express the extent of how much she missed him. She should sit in his lap. XD


Hooray for a new page!! :> Stephanie is so irritating haha. She's definitely one of those characters you love to hate. :P
(Also: I'll try to remember to keep voting haha)


Oh gosh i love her. XDDD

Her expressions are the BESSSTTT :D
Like, seriously. XDDD

And dude, total props for drawing out the establishing shot of the cafeteria. That looks like a lot of work and it turned out so nice!! ;w; <3333


LOL! Nice one, Zack. Good to see that he has it all-together.

Nami (Guest),

Ahahah! That's funny. "I'm booking!" I say that a lot ^_^;;

I like Zack's reaction to Stephanie.


GAH! Eeee Stephanie looks pretty creepy this page to me. ^^;;;

J-chan (Guest),

Run, Zack, run...

This is how obsessive stalkers start out.

And random note: I really like the cafeteria setup on the 3rd and 4th panel. Adds to the atmosphere. I especially like the shadowy people. It's pretty cool. :D


lol I love the last panel. It amuses me.

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