August 22nd, 2010, 11:00 pm

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Author's Comments:


Gotcha! I have to admit, I was kinda hoping that everyone would read the previous page expecting Ryan to be focused on something entirely different. I want him to be full of surprises~

Replies to Comments:
@Jazeki: I'm glad you like him~
@HelloForTheHumans: lol!!
@Rennakins: He's got super breathing powers!
@P!K: Hehe, sneaky sneaky! Oh my gosh that would be adorable!!
@loserfish: Gah, you are too kind <3 I'm so happy that you like it! Hm, maybe you just gotta train 'em right. They'll have to get tips from Max.
@Qwchestr: Yay! Thank you! <33
@Ryokouri: That's Ryan for ya.
@A_nobody: Thanks! He's a mouse actually, but Aya seems to be the only one who figured that out back on page 12.
@J-chan: Well, that's what I wanted you to think...I'm just evil like that~Mwahaha!
@Piano-kun: Max and Legato are both the mascots. They'll have to share the spotlight.
@DanaBoBana: Haha, thanks!


User's Comments:


Max is awesome. I love how he randomly appears.


I love how in the 2nd panel, Max is just like "Oh hai interwebs"


Haha so cute. Max just popped out of nowhere, seriously how is he alive in there? XD


I read this comic for the first time last week sometime, and I gotta say that I REALLY REALLY LIKE IT. <333 I didn't know how music could be successfully incorporated, but you did it, and quite well :D!

And I wish I could fit one of my rats in my pocket <_< they wouldn't be as nice about it as Max, I don't think.


I was surprised he was focusing on the rat! XDD

And oooohh who is that thar in the last panel~? :D <333



And he's focused on the rat. *Facepalm*


Max is suprisingly cute for a rat :D.

J-chan (Guest),

Ryan's attention span = FTW.

I totally expected him to get some crazy idea to swoon Stephanie based on what she had just said.


Aww, is Max kind of like the mascot?


The awesomest rodent ever XD <3

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