August 16th, 2010, 12:03 am

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Ah, 50 pages! I'm so excited! That's like...half of 100...which is a pretty big number.

Replies to Comments:
@Jazeki: Hm...I guess we'll see soon~And thank you!
@Rennakins: Thanks, dear!
@Theorah: Thank you~
@DanaBoBana: Haha, I love your comment titles! Thank you so much! I hope Ryan doesn't conform to the dark side...
@norukulegend: Thank you! Haha, I guess you'll see shortly!
@Ryokouri: That's Ryan for ya!
@DarSasu: Hehe, I like how your mind works! We'll see soon~ And thanks!
@Qwchestr: Ah, thank you so much for taking the time to read it! ;__; I'm so flattered, and happy you enjoyed. Yes, I was very excited to make the popular girl a redhead, I'm glad you like that. Thank you!
@Red Rabbit: Oh boy, I can see it now! There will be vengeance, but it won't be gory.
@Piano-kun: Thank you for all your kind comments! Yeah, darn rich kids have all those super connections. Glad you like my addition of the music notes =) Thanks!
@Trallt14: That's good 'cause the drama never ends!
@Nami15: Thank you so much! I'm happy you like him~


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I wonder what Ryan is thinking about. And yay for reaching page 50!


Whoo congrats for getting to page 50!! <3 Good luck in the future! :> I will be excited to read the next 50 too~~ <3


congratulations! I look forward to seeing where the comic goes from here!


I'M SO IN LOVE WITH YOUR STYLE Oh no Ryan! Not you too! D8 You don't want to be a traitor, do you? >8O


Yaaay Congrats on reaching 50! Soldier on, my friend!

Hmm…I wonder if Ryan is thinking of some amazing plan….or if he is just admiring Stephanie's …ness. XDD


Lol he's totally zoned out


hmmm... I think I have a good idea of what he's think *grins*
Are you gonna pretend to like I.A? Perhaps even *smiles* try to convince him to give you an auto graph for Stephanie? Are You Ryan!?
OH, and congrats!


OK. So I FINALLY read through the entire comic and am all caught up! And I LOOOVEEE IT ;_______; <33333333

Your style and the characters are so charming! ;w; <333333

I love Ryan. Stephanie is my favorite despite how I normally hate popular girl characters. She is just too funny. XDDD!! (And the fact that the popular girl is ginger is amazing. XDD <33)

Red Rabbit,

If this was a dark, psychological comic, the band would go on a cross country odyssey to take bloody revenge on the man who betrayed them. like 'king of comedy'.


Celebration! 50 pages!

Hm...Steph's dad has connections...I see a little meddling is in order! That being said, why do rich kids ALWAYS get the one-up on everything?

Edit: I love how in the archive, the musical chapters are highlighted and have music notes! That's so cool!


lol love the band dramaz!!!

Nami15 (Guest),

As always this is extremely enjoyable and hilarious!! I love Ryan.

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