July 11th, 2010, 11:15 pm

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At least we know what got BC and Ryan so upset. Why? Guess you'll see soon! And congrats to P!K and her psychic abilities, for guessing what would happen. She gets a plug! Visit her beautiful comic:

Replies to Comments:
@Rennakins: Thank you! I love your comic, too! I wish I could update more ):
@HaKi10: Haha! Yay! Good job!
@Jazeki: Yeah, poor Crashed XD
@norukulegend: I should have Ryan and BC dressed up as Holmes and Watson: "Where were you the day you received this photo?"
@P!K: Heehee, you're very welcome, my dear! lol, IA can do "the smolder."
@Mizury: Aw, you don't have to! But anything/anyone you draw would come out amazing <3
@Trallt14: Yes, the horror!! *drama*
@DarSasu: Hmm, I guess you'll see =)
@Ryokouri: Hehe, you'll find out soon!
@Theorah: And it's nice to see you again!
@FrEAkofNaTUrE: Thank you so much! I'm so happy to hear that. Your support is appreciated.
@AlizeSilver: Yup! Aya's caught now!
@Trent_Michaels: Aya needs some love now, so I'm glad to hear it!
@manga333666: =O
@J-chan: It may seem predictable now, but there's more than meets the eye~ Yeah, poor Aya indeed!
@amandaxoxox25: Yay, thank you very much!


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Hurrghghh I love your comic *V*
You need to update more and also immediately kthx. :'D


I KNEW it had something to do with that singer! I knew it! XD 100 points for Ai~ XD


They lost a potential groupie. XD


XDD interrogation tiem~


Yay ! An update \o/
I really should draw something for this awesome comic *__*
I still don't know who to draw though....Ryan or Stephanie ;A; ?


lol I love the last panel! The horrors of the fangirl secret!!! dun dun dun


I must agree with Trallt14.
The guys r sooo peeved at this, and it's hi;arious. She's gonna lie or freak out now, isn't she?


Next page! D: I bet they see him as a rival lol.


Le gasp!! Aaah its good to catch up on this comic :)


i just wanted to say i think this is a wonderfully creative idea and i love your art style. it is very different from alot of stuff on here. stay cool!


:O Busted!!! LOL now it all makes sense!


Hahaha, oh I'm loving Aya.

J-Chan (Guest),

Huh. What I thought was going to happen actually did happen. Poor Aya. Only wanting to enjoy the bliss of Inverted Axis. D:


This is one awesome comic, :D


So THAT was what it was! XD

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