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Author's Comments:


Sunnyville is NOT an actual city in New York, but I wanted to use an original made-up place. It's somewhere between Brooklyn and Manhattan.
The high school on the first page still says "Sunnyvale" which was the original name. I found out there are two well known cities with that name, so I changed the "vale" to "ville." I have yet to correct that high school sign.
That was just a random and totally useless fact.

Replies to Comments:
@J-chan: When I did the last panel, I imagined it was "shot" with a wide angle lens so I could fit most of her room in for you all to see =3 Inverted Axis is watching youuu!
@NoOrmaa: I wasn't sure if the Reduce Stress book would show up clearly at this size, but I'm glad you noticed it!
@norukulegend: Yay! ~~ If you want it to be upside down, then it is. Just for you.
@BakaMonMon: Thank you! =)
@Rennakins: Haha, thanks!
@Jazeki: Oh, yes. Years of fangirling accumulate.
@number1animemangaluver: Hahaha! That is creepy, I agree! I guess Aya doesn't mind (:
@SquishyNinja: Hehe, thank you!
@bendomolena: It isn't easy being studious. You gotta share your bed with books...it gets crowded.
@SolaratheHedgehog: Gah, thank you so much!!
@DecoraAi: Yup! That's my Aya!
@Kafeole12: Hehe, does it show? I used to have bare walls...for a day.
@GabrielsThoughts: Oh my gosh, you're too kind! Thank you!
@Mizury: Ah, thank you so much! <3 The story can end up in many directions~I'll be sure to add Muse to my list and maybe I can get them in! PS: I'm so happy you love Ryan!
@orangecookies: Hmm...I wonder what gave that away...(:
@Nami15: I think you mean "Holy Snap!" lol! Man, I went through an Orlando Bloom phase too...Good times! =)


User's Comments:

J-chan (Guest),

I'm jealous of the size of her room. It's enormous! ...Or perhaps it's the posters that's towering over her? To be honest, I'm a bit daunted by them. THEY'RE WATCHING.


reducing stress, lol
I love this, I mean I totally do :)


Oh you fangirl <3 Yay for chapter two! ~~~

Those were excited squiggles.

I'd laugh if the 'Axis' sign on the left was upside down because, well, I'm a sucker for puns. But this page is epic and I can't wait to read more! But I will have to. u_u But exitedly! ~~~~


hehe great update!! :3


Ahahaha Aya is so cute. <3


Wow, she has a lot of posters. XD


I could never live in a room that has that many faces of the same dude staring at me. That would be just plain Edward Cullen level creepy. >-<


Smexy guy is smexy.


That's totally me. Falling asleep with books and study guides all around me.


Ya, you just earned youself a +fav my friend :3

I love your comic so far, and the style is cute :3


MAJOR fangirl! OWO


Ha. I have no posters in my room.


there's definitely enough whimsy to take down an elephant in this comic... +FAV


OMG this is SO awesome *0*
Somehow, your art really fits, I don't know how to explain that but x)
It would be so cool if some Muse's songs were in this awesome comic, sadly, it doesn't really fit the story :'(
Anyway, I'm really looking forward to the next pages \o/

(PS : I LOVE Ryan XD)


I bet she likes Inverted Axis. ;D

Nami15 (Guest),

HOLY CROW! Look at this girls room!! *gapes* Duuude, I used to fan Orlando Bloom, but I only had on poster!! XDD Awesome.


lol something tells me she likes the dude in the posters


Haha, why do radio announcers always sound extra excited?

LOL - I see someone is a big fan!

Blooper (Guest),

@Piano-kun, 'Cause either they need the attention or they have nothing better to do. ...okaaaaay...thats a bit creepy *cough*stalker*cough*

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