June 20th, 2010, 10:56 pm

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HOLY SNAP! It's the final page of Chapter 1! Your answered questions will be posted later this week, as well as the animated Chapter 2 cover. Lots of goodies to keep you busy until next Monday's update!
Thank you for all the favs on this comic, and MEGAGYNORMOUS THANKS to Amante for recommending BlueStreak for the Comic Spotlight. Please give him some love and check out his comic, BlackBlade Rising:

Replies to Comments:
@webcomiclover: Yay, I'm happy you're happy!
@DanaBoBana: Ah, don't panic~More to come!
@Rennakins: Heehee, you'll see~
@P!K: I know, I feel so mean XD;
@WhitexNoise: Snap is fun to say~ Did you check the music link recently? I changed the original link a little while ago to a Youtube link.
@BakaMonMon: We shall find out soooon~
@Theorah: Haha, I spent much time trying to think of something catchy, so I'm glad you like it!
@Jazeki: Mmmm, can't say!
@norukulegend: You will know soon! Glad to hear their faces made a good impact =D
@bendomolena: Aww, there will be more soon!


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You have no idea how happy I was when I saw that you posted! You made me so super happy! And now I want to know what happens! And I still can't wait for the next song!


WHAT IS IT??!! NO! No cliffhanger! *presses next page repeatedly* Noooooo! D;

But that last panel is really epic 8D

Congratulations on the spotlight! ^^



Haha so cute... I'm excited now to see what's gonna happen! :3


We must know!!!!!!!!! what are they "holy snapping" about!! ^^


Holy Snap! What a great exclamation!! I wonder what she dropped?? 0_o


Holy Snap! What is it?!


GAHHH Harflgarfl I wanna knowwww!

Also, their faces kinda just made my day.

Holy Snap~


"Holy Snap!" wait, what? nooooooooo. *presses the next button repeatedly*


lol fun last panel!

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