May 31st, 2010, 7:45 pm

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Author's Comments:


Yay! 30 pages! As I get closer to the end of chapter 1, I feel more accomplished. I'm so glad I decided to go with this comic, and your support and feedback makes all the time I put into this worthwhile. Thank you, Readers! <3
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Replies to Comments:
@Jazeki: Yay! Me too! =D
@QwertSapphire: Aw, thank you so much! <3 Yes, I love song requests! I will add it to my list of request~
@kuririn24: FO'SHIZ! (that's Ryan-speak for "thank you")
@BakaMonMon: Heehee, some people like to hug it out, lol.
@anime554: THE shiz =D
@Rudie: Thanks so much for your honesty and feedback. I appreciate it. In response to your slow internet and not being able to follow the song: I made an announcement on the first page of the song saying that I give permission to readers to save the pages with my site address at the bottom of the page, so they can follow at a better pace. I hope that helps for future songs :)
@Nami15: Aw, thank you! I'm so happy you like it! <3
@Synchro593: Haha!! That's exactly right!
@Theorah: Thanks so much!


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I'm excited for this concert <3


The Shiz This is awesome :D In Ryan's words, the shiz xD I love you for making a webcomic musical. May I suggest "The Power" by Snap for one of your songs?


this comic is THE SHIZ.
enough said. : )


haha oh ryan ... haha XD 'hug-type'


The shiz... :D?

Rudie (Guest),

Haha I love this comic so far.
I normally have a peeve on how people simplify their drawings a lot for stylistic reasons but I really love the style of this comic while there are some small details I don't like. I love the over all effect when I reached the end of the comic I had a "Time goes by when you're having fun" feeling because I didn't expect it to finish in the 3-5 minutes I was reading it I like how most of the more major characters have really big problems associated with them and how their is no real "Main character" so far the kind of thing I liked in the animes Baccano and Durarara even though this comic has barely any characters though (5~?)
I liked the musical aspect but it's not completely original and has been done better (Having the original music on the comic page)it was still pretty nice but the negative was that the music spanned quite a few pages which sucks with slow internet connections. I don't have much more to say except that I love it so far and I'm bookmarking it so I don't forget :D

Nami15 (Guest),

This just continues to be awesome! I really can't wait for more! :3 I always get excited reading your comics. X3


Aya says: OH GOD those aren't real words?! XD


congratulations, keep up the good work!!




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