May 11th, 2010, 1:11 am

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There goes Tiffany's seat...

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@BakaMonMon: Haha, that's Ryan for ya...
@Chirurotsu: Ack, don't apologize! I'm way overdue on commenting on your comic! I need to catch up this week~Haha, I'm glad you're finding the good in Zack!
@Theorah: Heehee, will do, thanks!
@Jazeki: Apparently not =\
@Nami15: Aw, that is sad!
@Piano-kun: James Dean! That's funny XD


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Tell me he is not clueless that she completely ignored him XD

Oh well now her "friend" has to find a new seat XD


arrgg its been too long since i commented here so sorry x(

lol he really is oblivious to everythin, thts so funny, i like all these characters tht are showin up at the moment, mann i adore them all equelly, annd aww zack is so cute, he doesn't even find her annoying theres somethin tht tells me he's really easy going or more tht u can push him around and he won't notice lol.


yes, in many cases I wish I had the ability to be ignorant XD I feel alot of the time people who dont think and just get on with life have got it made :P
haha I love this guy, keep up the sharade :D


Apparently Ryan isn't so hurt by the brush off.

Nami15 (Guest),

Ahaha! Man, seen so much of stuff like that in actual public school its sad. Poor boy.


Ryan gets cool points for leaning against a locker. *james dean*

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