April 26th, 2010, 3:05 pm

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Gee, Ryan...You're so suave.

Replies to Comments:
@Jazeki: Oh yes...Ryan definitely has something coming.
@BakaMonMon: Time to break out the sunglasses.
@goth-bird: Ryan would be so happy to hear that, haha! Ah, so funny you ask, because originally his name was supposed to be Hartman, but I decided to keep it "Hart" because I thought it might suit his character better.
@Theorah: lol, yeah he can be a little too confident sometimes...
Man, that would be awesome to get lots of requests! I hope that happens. I'd love to see what other people would want to hear the characters "sing."
@Nami15: Haha, well I hope your friend was more successful with the ladies!
@Piano-kun: Oh yeah, bad move on Ryan's part. Heehee, we'll learn about Zack shortly~
@Kyarah: Why, thank you =D


User's Comments:


I like how Zack sparkles. Stephanie is going to kill him now for damaging her pretty face.


SParkles! haha


Well I think I am in LOVE with this Ryan boy.
I'd go to his concert. Oh heck yeah.

Is his name Zack Hartman? That'd be so boss. They'd belong together. Being so... sparkly and popular and all.


lol he pulled that off with confidence! XD

Hey that's so cool that you take requests! I bet when this comic really gets going and we get to know the characters, song requests will come pouring in suited to their personalities! :D

Nami15 (Guest),

Ahahahh! That's amazing! Ryan is so smooth! XD He looks like a guy I was friends with in High School. *snicker* I like Ryan! Yay for Ryan, but dude, you can do so much better than Stephanie. XD


Ryan! You do NOT touch Popular Girl Stephanie's face! It's TABOOOOOO~

Is Zack the school's popular guy? If so, a lot of funny stuff is around the corner if Stephanie tries to impress him when Ryan is around. :D

Kyarah (Guest),

Those last pages with the song were really awesome :D

Blooper (Guest),

haha Stephanie got PWNED! ^_^

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