April 12th, 2010, 5:00 pm

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Back from hiatus!
There is now a call for music artists! If you would like to have your own music featured in BlueStreak, submit your music today!
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Replies to Comments:
@Jazeki: Haha, Stephanie is always up to something...
@Aura-Alora: I know, shocking that it's even possible, right? Thank you so much for reading =)
@DanaBoBana: I'm glad you think so, thank you! I don't have the time to animate, so I was hoping the comic would feel animated enough. Thank you tons for all of your comments!
@Chirurotsu: Aw, well I mean it! Keep up the great work! <3 Haha, I sure have seen that movie. Stephanie, and her control over people is influenced by popular girls on TV, movies, books, etc. I wanted to make her the stereotypical popular girl, but even more obnoxious and exaggerated than what people are used to seeing. (I hope that doesn't make me a mean girl, haha)
@Piano-kun: lol, yeah I feel bad for them =(
@Ren-chin: Oh, what a coincidence!


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She must have a plan. Otherwise, she would keep her purse.


Whoa How do mean people like that even MAKE friends in the first place???

Great job so far! Keep it up (b^_^)b


Yay I'm finally caught up! 8D God this is so awesome so far! X3 Your transitions are awesome and it flows like I'm actually watching a cartoon on tv! Keep up the great work! XD


awww ur so sweettt x'D i can learn a lot from ur comics too, but mann tht makes me happy tht u think my stuff is full of life :')

lol her friends will do anythin she says, by the way have u ever seen meangirls, its like one of the only teen movies i like, well next to its a boygirl thing.

anyw i really liked tht movie and how they potrayed life in high school :D

any kinda reminds me of this scene here, with her havin full control over her friends, and they don't even kno tht she's just using them.


Rebecca and Tiffany must have a very small social circle if they willingly deal with Stephanie 24/7. XD


._. ... my names Tiffany...lol


LOL she's hillarious!!

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