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March 22nd, 2010, 2:25 am

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Author's Comments:


Gosh, everyone...I'm so happy for the feedback! Thank you so much! This comic is a total experiment, and I'm glad that you find it fun. I hope you'll keep reading and supporting me as I figure out this whole musical thing, haha!
And remember! If you produce music of your own, you can have it in the comic! Just contact me :)

Anyway, on to individual replies:
@Amante-kun: Thank you! =)
@Chirurotsu: D'aw and I'm in awe at how you do comics! There's so much life to them! I can learn a lot from you ;__;
@Jazeki: Haha, she rarely ever is. Thank you! I'm happy you liked it!
@Red Rabbit: Awesome! I'm glad you enjoyed.
@quitta: lol, it's a fun and catchy song, isn't it? =D
@Armbyorg: Yay! I'm so happy you think so...thank you!
@goth-bird: thank you! I'm really glad you liked the execution of the pages...I was really hoping it would read well.
@eternalbeliever12: Heh, that would be cool! Thank you, I'm happy you liked it!
@zephyr-mai: Thanks! Me neither!
@rainysidewalks: ありがとうございます
@emruki: Haha, thank you! I'm happy Stephanie made a good first impression on you.
@Piano-kun: Heh, yup! At least one!
@BakaMonMon: Aw, I'm so happy you stopped by! Thanks so much!
@DecoraAi: That's what the save page options is for =D It's why I've got the pages labeled with my site name~
@Guest: Thank you! <3


User's Comments:


ahah that was awesome actually listening to it while reading.


yes i agree with amante, perfect song xD i got the real feelin of being popular in a high school :D

i luv how u ended the song, and then brings us back to reality, u really kno how to do comics, i'm jealoux
and gee i luv her legs in the ssecond panel, u draw them so well


Her friend is so not amused....Anyway, that was awesome. I can't wait for the next song/update.

Red Rabbit,

that was great i had my headphones on


Wow, that was so COOL!

I can't believe how well you pulled that off. It was so good. C:
The flow of motion on every page was so well done, and the pages themselves are so clean C:

Great times, I can't wait to see what's next C:


OOOh that was good, I like the song too, its pretty catchy. Man this comic really should be a real life action musical :3


That was so fun to read while listening to the music, can't wait for the next song :D


very cool idea for a comic! you do an excellent job with pacing the pages/panels to match the music.


LOLOL That was quite entertaining. xD I like this Stephanie character already!


That was totally wicked!

LOL at Stephanie's friend. There is always one member of the posse who doesn't get it.


wow, I started to read your comic :3 it is awesome ^^ the expression you gave Stephanie when she was singing were great


haha I'm slowley getting through this, I'll read some more tomorrow XD
Awesome stuff so far, the characters are all really fun and interesting, and your pacing is lovely! I couldnt listen to the song you linked to right now, but I'll have to do it tomorrow, its such a fun idea, and the panelling appears to flow so well with the rhythm, like a stage musical! :D Lookin' forward to reading more!!


It was really fun listening to it while reading. Too bad I didn't click the pages fast enough.



THAT WAS AWESOME! Totally one of a kind! I love this webcomic *favorite*


XD That was awesome!

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