February 21st, 2010, 10:58 pm

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Comment Replies @Jazeki: There's always a positive!
@3o-s-knight: Haha, thank you!
@Piano-kun: I'm glad you feel like you can "hear" the comic too~Thank you for the comment <3
@leaglem: lol, thank you! I'm so happy this makes you laugh~
@Amante-kun: I'm flattered you feel that way, thank you so much!
@Chirurotsu: Ah, thank you so much for reading! I'm glad that bit could make you laugh =D That makes me happy!
@eternalbeliever12: Ah, yes, I published that almost a year ago when I first starting developing this story. Thank you for following me on this comic too!


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Poor Victoria. At least she gets a cool font for her dialogue.


LOL yes i love victoria's dialogue font XD man these characters are so adorable =')


Hahaha, I love all of the characters to this comic already! The "Wow. This is AWKWARD." part made me laugh out loud because I could imagine exactly how it sounded!

Very, very funny. =D


LOL you're a genius at expressions, really!! I smile so hard reading this comic, and some laughs makes my mom wonder what the heck I'm doing XDDDD


Wow, 10 pages into the comic and I'm already mesmerized by the personality in all of your characters. This is a definite fave! Keep this up!


this comic is like so koool i luv the way u had all the characters introduced, they like connected with the main character in this exiting interesting way.

ur way of directing is great >x3! luv it. lookin forward to the next pages :DDD

oh and i luv the whole bit with the dog and mouse tht had me laughin xDDD


Aaah this coimic is so cool, I never knew you had a another comic on here, I would have faved this ages ago. <3
I remember looking at your main site a year back and looking at one of your books. Cant remember what it was called but it was in this sort of style so since then I've always wanted to read a comic of yours in this style. Its amazing that you have two different um styles... XDDD
sorry if i sound confusing, im half asleep xDDD


She's scary X3


The quality is beautiful and this deserves to be published!

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