March 23rd, 2012, 5:58 pm

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omg, I so did not finish the last panel, but I wanted to get this page up today, and no time to finish~

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@Kyarah: Haha, thanks! I was worried the image might be too small and then people can't see what's in her hand, but I'm glad you're able to tell!
@Sam: I'm sure Ryan would appreciate your sympathy! Love your prediction...Yes, Ryan, get over the "California Dime"! =)
@Rennakins: Um, I still need to catch up on your comic...I will soon!
@Trallt14: Hehe, thank you! I'm glad you like it!
@number1animemangaluver: Soon!! ;)


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Aya practicing with hairbrush... It's really cute :3

Sam (Guest),

I like it

Honestly though, getting rejected SUCKS MAJOR. This guy, I feel for him. A lot. He loves her, she kisses a different guy in front of him and says the famous word 'our date' so two options are he goes really angry and vents on anyone or he goes inside himself and is angry, he looks like he's gone inside himself and is angry, I bet on the next page he will say something about it and then later on just laugh, and start singing Tonight. "She's a California dime but it's time fpr me to quit her! LALALA WHATEVER! LALALA IT DOESN'T MATTER"


Ahhh how did I miss your update? ;A;

Gaaaahh Steph gets on my nerves. >:( Whatever they are going to be awesome and then she'll probably change her mind to feed off the popularity. :|


His grouchy bitter disappointed expression is priceless.


Do I sense a song montage in the near future? :]

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