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November 8th, 2011, 11:12 pm

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Hey y'all. For those of you posting comments as a guest, I just wanted to inform you that being a Smackjeeves member gives you the benefit of being alerted of my replies to your comments (if you care...). So be a member if you want to know what I say in response! And thank you so much for the comments and for reading. This music scene got over 2,500 views the day it was posted...THANK YOU ALL <3

Replies to Comments:
@Rennakins: Thank you! <3
@Jazeki: Aw, you're too kind Jazeki~Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying!
@Poodle_willnot_Bark: Yes, that's right! And thank you for reading~
@greenXpillow: Yay, I'm glad you did! Thank you!
@Random Stalker: Hey, random stalker! I appreciate you telling me that...thank you so much!
@BakaMonMon: Thanks!
@novembertree: Your name is so appropriate this time of year. Ah, thank you, I'm so happy you liked it!
@elmocrazy: Thank you, I hope you enjoy future pages~
@yamijenny87: Thanks so much!
@Sam: I'm really glad that you read into this scene and noticed the details. I'm grateful for you feedback, and I'm so glad that you're enjoying the comic. Thank you very much!


User's Comments:


Wow that was an amazing scene! :) Aya's so awesome~ :)


Ahh, only Bluestreak would bring me back for commenting. I loved this song sequence and Aya's costume and the whole concept. I secretly wish it was longer.


*O* That was awesome!

Yeah AYA! You go! Show them who's boss!


that was freaking awsome!! XD i loved it!!

Random Stalker (Guest),

This is so awesome. :D
I am amazed on how well it all works out. You do it perfectly. I just wanted to tell you.


I like it :3 great job!



Oh man I am SO EXCITED for this side of Aya. ; U; Like, unbelievably excited. Yes.


This comic is so original and amazing! :D


yamijenny87 (Guest),

awsome as always

Sam (Guest),

Have to say I'm not an Ashley Tisdale listener. I love P&F when she's Candace but I have never really liked her. Until now.
I love that song now for some reason. It's really great and the scene was just awesome. Her costume, the Stephanie doll, and when she put on the blindfold it just wrapped it all up in a basket and said, I'M GONNA GIVE YOU CHILLS DOWN YOUR BACK NOW.
I also really like the transition from her sitting on the floor to gripping the bars of the cage.

All together. Everything. I love this webcomic. It can only get better and better.


That was fun! I love power montages. It was somewhat of a montage, I suppose.

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