October 11th, 2011, 11:00 pm

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I have to admit, this page was difficult to do because my heart was breaking for Aya. I don't like making my characters sad, but sometimes it's needed to move the story along. Stay strong, Aya!
EDIT: Typo fixed, sorry about that!

@number1animemangaluver: Haha, having Max freak Steph out now would be awesome! But we know how that ended up in the last caf scene. Typo fixed, thanks!
@MasterComic: Yeah...y'know..."rivlas"... ;)
@Rennakins: =(
@novembertree: Ooh, what's this new ship?? Share! Oh wait, I think I know, lol!
@MomotheGreat: Yesss, watch out!
@MikeL: 17 and a half.
@nemesis112: Haha, she probably could!
@Azi: Very soon...
@Theorah: I hope so too~
@Sam: Sorry Sam, comic is on hiatus for another week. Hang tight!


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*ahem* Baw, ignore her, Aya! Being acknowledged by the Queen of Mean simply equates to you having the potential to ruin her social standing! :D

C'mon, BC. Get your little mouse to jump the witch or somethin'. (AND NO INTERFERING RYAN.)

Lastly: Panel one's "rivals". Just thought you should know.

Thanks! Looking forward to Steph being dethroned.




Poor Aya... :<


Poor bb. :C Ughhh let me just love her - I mean, all of them! I just love how terrible she is, though. Haha.

Edit: Sort of stalker-y, too ... hmmm ... I may have a new ship ~ /TERRIBLE PERSON


They're on yu e__e

MikeL (Guest),

cooties!?! how old is she?


well she did a GOOD research
she must work in the FBI
or something like that!

Azi (Guest),

Next button plz :D


aaaw, poor Aya ;_; How nasty can a person get? I hope these guys blow her out of the water talent-wise later on!

Sam (Guest),

Hey, are you going to continue this? Please do. I miss it

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