June 21st, 2011, 12:25 am

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Happy summer, everyone! BlueStreak is celebrating summer with a contest very soon. The prize will be a rockin' music related prize. Stay tuned!

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@novembertree: Thank you, luv~
@Deathatsunrise: Yup! I'll be posting details on my facebook page next week: http://www.facebook.com/pages/enchantmacom/139286276101581
@Aura-Alora: Hehe, I'm glad you like Ryan! Contest details coming very soon~
@crazejen: He is a dope =D Contest details will be posted very shortly.
@Jazeki: Haha, not quite...
@A_nobody: I'm happy you think so...I was worried people would like Aya's jumpy personality.
@Zhai: Haha! Indeed he is!


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PFFT Ryan you are adorably clueless. |DD

Alsooo your screentoning is spectacular, as usual.

Deathatsunrise (Guest),

Contest! A contest! OOOooooooo How exciting!
Can people that aren't members of smackjeeves compete?


Ryan is my favourite character hands down! Can't wait to see what this "important question" is =D

If you're hosting a contest, I am most definitely competing! Woohoo! =D


I just love Ryan!! He's such a dope. I want to compete in this contest~ *puts on shades* However, I also want to draw you fanart. :3 I thinks I will :3 *plots*


Is it an important question about fame?


Is it me or is Aya getting cuter? xD


Oooh Ryan, you smartass you xD

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