Chapter 4

June 1st, 2011, 11:37 pm

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Author's Comments:


Please vote on TWC!

I'm very excited to begin a new chapter with all of you! Thank you for reading this far! And remember, you can request a song anytime!

EDIT: THANK YOU to each one of you who suggested a song. I love requests and the varying tastes you all have. I can't promise to use all of these, but I do keep a log of your suggestions and I will consider each one with each chapter.

Replies to Comments:
@Kellysterhabit: Nice choice, thanks for suggesting!
@Sakqia: Yup, you did request it, and I saw the movie recently so now I know the song~ Thank you for the suggestion!
@A_nobody: Hehe, good songs! I think Lady Gaga songs would be very fun to use in this comic.
@Jazeki: <3333333 I win.
@Catnipfairy: Thank you for reading! It would be rad if this was animated, thank you. Mean is a lovely song, and definitely fits =D


User's Comments:


I dont even know if the song would fit but I suggest Runaway by Avril Lavigne X3


I can't remember if I requested this... ...because the thought definitely went through my brain.

More Than a Band - Lemonade Mouth

I think it kinda fits the story, with how the other two were betrayed and Aya is breaking out of her shell.


Yay! New chapter! I can't wait :D

Also, a particular Lady Gaga song I think that fits Aya's situation right now is Paparazzi<3
I also suggest her song Speechless. (I will never give up on getting a Gaga song in here xD)




great comic :) i really want to see it on tv someday. i think the song mean by taylor swift would be a glod song to use towards the end or something :) if stephanie ever gets whats coming to her, this song would be perfect

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