January 23rd, 2011, 11:00 pm

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PLEASE VOTE ON TWC! The incentive is my very first drawing of Aya and Ryan from Summer '08. It's this sketch that started the whole comic idea: http://topwebcomics.com/vote/11431/default.aspx

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@Jazeki: I'm glad you think so~ Although it can be grungy AND awesome at the same time...If you go for the grunge thing...
@novembertree: Welcome back! I like the ring "hip dump" has to it, haha.
@Amante: Hahaha! Yes, nothing more epic than a couch that's falling apart.
@BakaMonMon: Indeed~
@P!K: Nope! Not at all!
@Qwchestr: Haha, I actually went to someplace very similar while working on this scene. Grungy is way cooler in person, let me tell ya!
@Piano-kun: He should! Oh well...Vote incentive is still working. Maybe the site had a temporary issue.
@Nami: Yay, thanks!


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It's not grungy. It's awesome.


AHHH for some reason I've missed like, the past five updates. D:

I love how grungy the place is. |D Nothing better than performing in a hip dump, hahaha.

I'm exciiitteeedddd I can't wait to see what happnes. ;u;


That epic couch show how epicly epic that place is.


yay!!!! Ryan looks like he needs more sleep


LOL "Dont diss, yo!" XDD

And FFF---I loved these pages, the grungy place looks so nice! (the way it was drawn, anyway. I wouldnt want to be there in real life XD;; )

And I loved Stephanie in the last pages XDD <3333


I'm surprised Ryan came along! He should be in bed!

Did the voting incentive expire? The link doesn't seem to like me...

Nami (Guest),

YAYAYAYAY! I'm psyched for more!

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