November 9th, 2010, 4:31 pm

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Author's Comments:


That concludes this chapter! Chapter 3 has lots of exciting surprises ahead. I hope you're as excited as I am! I'm also loving everyone's thoughts about Peggy so far. You'll learn more about her very soon!
And, like last time, the end of a chapter might mean a little hiatus. I'll be spending the next week working on the new musical scene. Follow me on Twitter to stay tuned!

Replies to Comments:
@Casper: Was that the girl with the beret? Ah, I miss that show! And thanks for reading! <3
@Ryokouri: Oh yeah. Don't mess with Sinister Sam.
@novembertree: GASP! She could be either one! THE SUSPENSE!
@MermaidUnderSea: Haha, she could be whatever she wants at this point! They just need to keep remembering Sinister Saaaam~
@webcomiclover: Yay!!
@xero.zero: SNAP! I DUNNO! =O


User's Comments:


Lol, Peggy reminds me of Judy from "Doug". xD

I'm loving this so far! <3


Sinister Sam.....


She COULD be a spy. UUB<

Or she could just be awesome. |D I LOOK FORWARD TO MORE ~


I bet if she keeps blackmailing them, she could eventually be their manager.


omg next music scene!


Oh, snap! What's to come next?!


Will we meet Sinister Sam? His name is an alliteration. XD


YAY!!! :3


Ooooh I am so excited for the next chapterrr. <3


I kind of want more than anything to meet Sinister Sam now.

Peggy looks so... business-like and kind of cutely happy in that last panel. Not like a member of a family of rodent-hating fiends. Just goes to show you, you can't trust anyone these days.


H-how did I miss this update? D8>

AND I AM SO SERIOUSLY CURIOUS about this Sinister Sam character. If Ryan is scared of him too, it just makes him seem THUPER THCARY. I love it <333

J-chan (Guest),

Sinister Sam... lololol.

It's quite unfair how you keep baiting us with interesting characters like Peggy and now someone who goes by "Sinister Sam"? WILL SINISTER SAM HAVE HIS OWN MUSICAL?! I DEMAND ONE IF THERE ISN'T.

He sounds like he could fit right in with Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Have you ever seen that? I recommend it if you haven't. It's a webseries musical that's like 40 minutes long. The songs are good and pretty catchy. Especially "Bad Horse".



LOL I gotta know about this Sinister Sam.

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