October 12th, 2010, 11:18 pm

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Had to move this week's update forward a day because of backlog due to NYCC...Which was awesome fun!
It's not really in BC's nature to be so flustered, so this page was so much fun to do. Please don't forget to vote on TWC! Thanks!

Replies to Comments:
@Jazeki: Haha, and thanks to you I always think of Pace sauce when I draw Principal Pace. I shall forever crave Pace sauce!
@Rennakins: D'aww thank youuu!
@alphabetta: You are too kind <3
@xero.zero: Hehe, yes, those darn invisible chairs.
@P!K: Haha, anything to shut Ryan up.
@Cow<3Lover: Thanks, I'm glad you noticed it. His expression was originally more confused but I wanted to change it to something that played along with BC's monologue.
@Qwchestr: AHAHAHA omg that is PERFECTION! I need to do something based on that...


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I am thoroughly enjoying Principal Pace's profile (eee alliteration) and Ryan's invisible chair. XD


Ahh your facial expressions are always so fantastic~~ /flaaaaiiilll


you are genius


A chair. Hahaha!


love Ryan's goofy smirk at the end.I say a mix between "oh no I'm caught" and "what's going on here?"


I love this commmiiccccc! ;A;

And totally random and kind of weird on my part, but I totally had a dream the other night where Principal Pace was dancing around to Janet Jackson's "Feedback" song. XDDD;;; I woke up like LOL XDDDD It was so funny and awesome! XDD;;;

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